Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plan K-12 School District

Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plan K-12 School District

This Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plan has been approved by:
Superintendent Date President- UGISD Board of Trustees Date

Table of Contents

  • Purpose Statement
  • Communications / Community
  • Operations
  • Employees
  • Students
  • Exercise
  • Appendix A
    Pandemic Team
  • Appendix C
    Emergency Contact Numbers
  • Appendix D
    Internal Contact List
  • Appendix E
    Cross Training List
  • Appendix F
    Remote Work Location


Union Grove ISD is aware of the effect a Pandemic Event will have on students, employees, and regular operations. This plan will assist our District in responding to and minimizing education interruption during a Pandemic Influenza (PI) Event.

Communications / Community

  • Pandemic Influenza (PI) Coordinator -Brian Gray, Superintendent
  • Assistant Pandemic Influenza (PI) Coordinator- Jodie Mayhan, Nurse
  • Pandemic Influenza Committee-See Attached
  • Local Health Department
  • Hospital
  • School Nurse
  • Local EOC
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • TEA Regional Office
  1. Medical information will be obtained from several sources. These sources may include the local health department, hospital, or district physician.
  2. Government, business, and other school information will be obtained by contacting agencies like the Local-EOC, Chamber of Commerce or trade groups.
  3. A line of authority and terminology will be developed by an employee trained in the Incident Command System (ICS). The district will communicate with the following Federal, State, and Local agencies using the ICS system so that our District can better understand their capabilities and plans.
    1. Local City Office
    2. Local County Office
    3. Texas Department of Transportation
    4. Internal Revenue Service
    5. Other School Districts
    6. TEA
  4. We will communicate with the following Local and State public health agencies about the services available and potential illness within our District. · Local Public Health Department · Local-EOC · Department of State Health Services- Public Health Region
  5. We will communicate with our health insurers about the affects of Pandemic Event on our District. Health Insurance Carrier- State of Texas, Teacher Health Care: Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  6. To improve our Pandemic Event response efforts, the following businesses and Districts will be contacted to share essential practices.
    1. Chamber of Commerce
    2. Trade groups
    3. Suppliers
    4. TEA
    5. Neighboring ISD
  7. Staff and students can find our operation status by calling the Local-EOC.
  8. The PI Plan will be communicated to employees by the following:
    1. E-mail
    2. Web-Site
    3. Employee information boards – time-clock postings
    4. Training/in-services
    5. Telephone
    6. Mail-outs
    7. Emergency School-Reach Phone/Text System
  9. We will ensure that language, culture, and reading level appropriateness are considered when disseminating school health related messages.


  • Cross Trained Staff
  • Participating School districts
  • Suppliers & Contractors
  • Call List
  1. The following infection control measures will be taken within our district:
    1. Gloves
    2. Hand-washing supplies
      1. Soap
      2. Alcohol based hand sanitizer
      3. Clean paper towels at all sinks
    3. Facial tissue
    4. Surgical Masks for employees/students
    5. Anti-bacterial wipes
    6. 3M-N95 particulate respirators
      1. Fit testing equipment
      2. Wall posters
  2. We will identify critical supplies needed to support surge demand and take steps to have those supplies on hand.
  3. Guidelines will be developed to lower the face-to-face contact during a Pandemic Event by implementing the following procedures:
    1. Web-based conference
    2. Teleconferencing
    3. Email
    4. Posting Boards
  4. We will evaluate staff and student access to mental health services. The following services should be available:
    1. Social services
    2. Regional support
    3. Community support
    4. Faith based resources
  5. After notification of a Pandemic Event, the PI Coordinator will begin alerting critical call list members that the PI Plan has been activated. Based on the event size and demographic location the plan may be fully or partially enacted.
  6. Education interruptions due to staff and/or student shortage will be handled as follows:
    1. Cross training
    2. Canceling extra curricular activities
    3. Distance learning
    4. Web based learning
    5. Home bound education
    6. Modified hours
    7. School discontinuation - last resort
  7. If critical employees are absent, the following steps will be taken to maintain the work load of absent employees. See Appendix E : Person In Charge: Campus Principals
    1. Step 1 – Report absent employees to PI Coordinator or designee
    2. Step 2 – Access our cross training list for capable replacement employees
    3. Step 3 – School Principal will notify cross trained employees of new duties
  8. We will discontinue school operations when the following criteria are met:
    1. Staff absenteeism reaches __40__ %
    2. Student absenteeism reaches __15__ %
    3. Transportation is interrupted
    4. Supply interruption
    5. Other Person In Charge: Kelly Moore
  9. Because school transportation is crucial to operations, the following issues will be addressed in Pandemic Event: Person In Charge: Chris Wayt
    1. Sanitizing buses
    2. Transportation of ill students
    3. Doubling-up on routes as needed if drivers are ill
  10. Financial impact is an important part of our District’s PI Plan. We will estimate costs generated by the tangible and intangible impact of a Pandemic Event.
    Tangible Impacts include - reduced number of students attending, government closing of public gatherings, supplier interruptions, lack of transportation, other
    Intangible Impacts include - lost education, temporary help, benefits, increased education load after event, other

    Tangible Impacts Intangible Impacts
    0-24 hours $4405

    0-24 hours


    2-7 days

    $8811 - 30,378

    2-7 days


    8-14 days

    $35,242 - 61,670

    8-14 days


    15+ days


    15+ days


    Other $_5,000 Other
  11. The following personnel expenses will be addressed for high absenteeism:
    1. Overtime cost
    2. Vacation/sick leave
    3. Temporary agency costs
    4. Excessive medical benefits cost
    5. Potential workers compensation claims
  12. PI Plan termination will be determined by the PI Coordinator. Based on functioning capabilities the District may reopen as usual or operations may be modified based on internal staffing and attendance issues.


  1. To help eliminate communication issues we will inform our employees about our PI Plan. Our district will strive to anticipate employee, parent/guardian, and student fear, anxiety and rumors so that everyone receives accurate information. We value our employees and will make available medical consultation and advice by allowing time off to see a family physician concerning PI. Local Public Health contact information will be made available for questions. See Appendix C
  2. Annual flu vaccinations will be encouraged for all employees. Person In Charge: Jodie Mayhan
  3. Programs and materials covering Pandemic Event fundamentals, personal and family protection, and response strategies will be provided to employees. Person In Charge: Jodie Mayhan
    1. Symptoms of contagion
    2. Modes of transmissions
    3. Hand hygiene
    4. Coughing/sneezing etiquette
    5. Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan
  4. Policies will be developed for preventing influenza spread, and minimizing potential exposure to other staff and students. Person In Charge: Jodie Mayhan
    1. Respiratory hygiene
    2. Room layout – shared areas
    3. Infection control measures – hygiene products, disposal bins, hand shaking
    4. Immediate mandatory sick leave
    5. Return to work policies
    6. Room isolation
    7. Working sick- non-infectious illness only
    8. Other
  5. Policy will be established for restricting affected school sites. Person In Charge: Brian Gray or designee
    1. Buildings on-site
    2. Separate sites within campus
    3. Other
  6. Based on critical employee needs, certain employees will be cross trained in different jobs/educational subject duties. As training is completed a list will be developed to indicate the jobs/subjects that individuals are capable of teaching or performing. See Appendix E Person In Charge: Campus Principals
  7. Employees may be allowed to work from other locations or home to ensure basic program functions are completed. This will be based on availability of home computers or other technology assets. See appendix F Person In Charge: Laurice Marshall and Technology Team
    1. Payroll
    2. Continued communication with staff and students
  8. Compensation and exceptions for absenteeism will be handled by the following criteria. Person In Charge - Kelly Moore and Laurice Marshall
    1. Personal illness
    2. Family illness
    3. Community containment
    4. Government quarantines
    5. School closure
    6. Business closure – i.e. childcare
    7. Public transportation closure
  9. All employees will provide updated Emergency Contact Information to Human Resources.
  10. Special needs for employees will be addressed and reasonable solutions will be incorporated into our preparedness plan.
  11. In the event of family illness or school closure, consideration will be given to those who are caregivers for family members. Staff members should feel comfortable when leaving their family for work as well as when leaving work for family.
  12. A time length will be established for employees to wait before returning to work after contracting an infectious illness. Public health or government agency mandate will supersede school policy.


1. Student attendance is a very important part of keeping our District operating. In the event of a Pandemic Outbreak we will continue to meet student needs and provide information to the best of our ability. Our district will communicate with students by: · Radio and Television advertisements · Newspaper · Flyers and Postings · Phone · Web-Site · E-mail · Mail · Emergency School-Reach Phone/Text System Person In Charge: Brian Gray 2. When possible protective masks will be made available for students entering our school as well as receptacles for discarding them after use. 3. Waterless hand cleaner will be placed strategically throughout buildings. 4. A standard set of steps will be established for checking children each day as they arrive at school. No one will be allowed to enter class if they are exhibiting flu like symptoms. Person In Charge: Jodie Mayhan 5. Staff, parents, and guardians will be asked to notify our facility if any of the following are experiencing flu-like symptoms: · Immediate family · Extended family · Close Friends 6. Students with special needs will be accommodated when reasonably possible. At no time will the school put staff or other students at risk. Peron In Charge: Campus Principals 7. When possible meal accommodations will be made available for students. Person In Charge: Cynthia Vance · Delivery · Family Pick-up · Working with Meals on Wheels · Other Exercise 1. The District PI Coordinator will establish a mock disaster exercise plan. 2. The mock disaster should include performing the following: · Critical employee call list · Emergency contact numbers · Infection control measures · District continuity · Vendor status · Student status · Supplier status · Other 3. Periodically the mock disaster exercise will be completed. The PI Committee will review the mock disaster’s effectiveness, and changes will be made according to those results.