• We are committed to providing families with accurate and prompt information in the event of inclement weather and other urgent matters impacting our schools and community.

      If weather becomes inclement during the evening/night hours, the transportation department has staff members prepared to check the road conditions as early as 5:00 a.m. They check to see if conditions are safe for buses, giving consideration to rural roads. 

      The Transportation Director will then share information with the Superintendent. The Superintendent will make the decision to announce either a delayed opening or school closure by approximately 5:30 a.m. 

      Union Grove ISD uses the following methods of communication to relay urgent information to district families and the broader community:

      • Blackboard parent notification system (phone calls, texts, emails)
      • Union Grove ISD website
      • Union Grove ISD social media (Facebook and Twitter)
      • Local radio and TV stations

      Otherwise, schools will be open as scheduled. 

      If winter weather conditions worsen during the school day, the district determines if an early release is needed to get the students home sooner and bus drivers back to the bus headquarters safely prior to darkness. If an early release time is set, communication will be sent to families with pick-up and/or transportation information.