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    The goals / guidelines for the student in HS Performance

    theater are:

    * to work as a part of a team focused on a goal

    * to learn a process of theatre production

    * to develop a work ethic that will serve in many other areas of

    your life

    * to build management, technical or performance skills.

    * to accept cast or crew positions to which they are assigned

    * ONLY classroom students are allowed to perform in the UG

    theater productions

    * Memorization is a large part in this course. Roles must

    memorized by the actors

    * You are expected to be in attendance for every class and be on

    time and ready to start. (If you must be absent or late for medical or personal

    reasons, please notify the teacher and provide appropriate documentation)

    * Cell Phones: Cell phones can be a great learning tool and use of

    technology, however, each student is expected to keep them stowed away in front of  the classroom unless given verbal permission by the teacher. If cell phones or other electronic devices become a problem, the teacher will confiscate them and turn them into the office.

    * UIL and NSDA ( national speech and debate association)

    competitions will be attended by these students in this course. (NSDA is by invitation and for HS only! )