Educator Preparation Programs (EPP) Resources

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention (mandated 2014-2015)

Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

Texas DFPS Abuse Website & Hotline phone number

Educator Preparation Programs (EPP) Resources 

Effective September 1, 2015, TEC 21.044(c-1) requires a person seeking a certificate that includes a bachelor’s degree as part of the minimum academic qualifications to receive instruction regarding mental health, substance abuse, and youth suicide as part of the training required to obtain that certificate. The mental health instruction must include effective strategies for teaching and intervening with students with mental or emotional disorders, including de-escalation techniques and positive behavioral interventions and supports. The resources listed below have been recommended by a panel of experts in the diagnosis and treatment of mental or emotional disorders to meet this requirement.

Suicide Prevention Training

At-Risk (Kognito) Training

At-Risk is a one hour online training for Elementary, Middle School, and High School educators. This online, interactive professional development program uses virtual role-play to help school faculty, staff, and administrators learn common signs of psychological distress and how to approach an at-risk student for referral to the school counselor.

Instructions on how to login to Kognito